Interesting to note the similarity between this scene (Joshua 8:30 - 35) and when Jesus was
preaching the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5:1 - 12 and following. Here, the people are split and proclaiming the "law of the land"; as this new kingdom is being established. Jesus is proclaiming the attitude of the New Kingdom he is establishing. The one is based upon the Law given to Moses on the mount and the other is based upon the beatitudes given by Jesus.

These attitudes are a look at a future life with a completely different worldview, that is, how one
views reality. The reality will be one where our hearts are completely renewed. The heart that
Jeremiah and Ezekiel speak of. The heart of flesh, not a heart of stone.

Notice in Matthew 5:1 - 12 that one's heart will experience the same conditions they experience
today, that is, a heart not yet completely renewed. However, the contrasting worldviews are
radically different. For example, a heart that is poor in spirit. The present one feels as though
they are all alone or ... many different feeling when one has this attitude. In this New Kingdom,
the poor in spirit know that they have inherited a vast kingdom, the universe.

The second beatitude suggests that a mourner has difficulty being comforted but with a heart of
flesh, the mourner find comfort in many ways in Christ. Let your eyes scan these Beatitudes to see changes the child of God receives with their "heart of flesh" and compare them with the former "heart of stone"